Are women more innovative than men? Does it come as strong willpower to make a mark in this blatantly male-dominated society?

There are instances of women who have involved themselves in each and every stage of technological development. It is important to note that the persistent underrepresentation of women is growing quite rapidly. Therefore it is mandatory to promote, organise and improve women’s participation. Certain fields like Information Technology omit women’s perspectives and life experiences that these women bring to innovation and problem solving. We have many such women in the field of engineering. One such woman was Elsie Macgill, recognised as the world’s first female aeronautical engineer and professional aircraft designer. She not only worked on early bush planes and guided the production of famous aircraft in World War II, but was also the driving force on Canada's Royal Commission on the status of women. But her heroic and awe inspiring story is when she battled muscular paralysis almost half a century.

The question is despite myriad challenges are women more innovative than men? Is it their inherent capability? For someone like Elsie, is it her determination to do something different and be known to the world? And as women face numerous social constraints and perform diverse roles in their lives, does innovation come as strong willpower to make a mark in this blatantly male dominated society?

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